Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Another day @ DM Jail Cells

Oh wow, another day @ Daniel Murphy. Dang.. daniel murphy ain't that fun er nothing. I mean our counseler is all fine and erything (well she the finenst out of ery grl @ Daniel Murphy.. haha) but the classrooms aren't like what I'm used to. I'm used to being `round loud and annoying kids. DMs classrooms are all strikt & quiet and krap.

Durin` lunch the freshmen were playin` 1 on 1 b`ball. Dis kid crossed Tyler over & tyler came baq w. his own thang. Bentley got b u r n e d by what's his name. it's hard to x.playn but lunch was the tigthest part @ school tuhdae..

I met sum new kidz agen today and I gez Ima js keep on meeting new pplz eryday.. O_O